The Anchor Inn is a Green Hospitality Business

Our building may be old, but we have made a lot of updates to ensure that we are being as environmentally conscious as possible. Although we are only a small business we believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to do their part in the fight against climate change. All of our plastics, glass, paper and cardboard is taken weekly to the local recycling facility to be properly sorted and recycled. We also do our best to ensure that we are composting our food waste, including all of our coffee grinds (and with coffee as good as ours you can imagine we go through a lot!). 

Several years ago we made the switch with many of our older appliances, updating to energy efficient washers, dryers, ovens, lights and low flush toilets. Right away we noticed an enormous decrease in our water consumption.  

We also work together with our hotel guests, asking when they would like their towels and linens changed. We found our guests to be extremely cooperative and many would request multiple days in between their laundry being done, saving an enormous amount of water. We have also recently switched over our hotel shampoos, providing guests with shampoo made from naturally derived ingredients, which are all cruelty free.  


In our restaurant we have largely replaced our plastic portion cups with ceramic dishes for our dipping sauces. A few years ago we made the switch to paper straws, totally eliminating plastic straws from the bar and restaurant, but we felt we could still do more. This year we implemented no straw policy. We still get the odd request here and there for a straw, which we are happy to accommodate, but for the most part our customers have been extremely happy with the switch, praising our initiative. 

We have also cut our take out waste almost completely. We made the switch to compostable take out containers for the food. We found that most of our customers were taking their food home and throwing out the utensils and condiments. So we’ve started asking if people would like the set up instead of automatically giving it to them. We’ve cut our consumption of these products by over 75%!

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